HIbbard Homes building process

Hibbard Homes prides itself on offering a seamless and efficient home-building experience by handling every aspect of the construction process in-house. From initial design to final construction, Hibbard Homes eliminates the need for external contractors, ensuring consistency, quality, and timely completion of projects.

By maintaining a dedicated team of architects, designers, builders, and project managers, Hibbard Homes guarantees that each home is crafted to the highest standards. This integrated approach allows for better communication and coordination, minimizing delays and reducing the potential for miscommunication. Clients benefit from a streamlined process where their vision is clearly understood and executed by a cohesive team.

Building your Dream Home with Hibbard Homes:

The Joy of Taking Ownership of a Brand New Home:

Building Guarantees


Choosing Hibbard Homes ensures you receive warranties from Australia’s leading manufacturers. We use only the highest quality materials and stand by the quality of our workmanship to guarantee you the best results, including our builders 6 year structural warranty.


You can have confidence in the top quality of your home, knowing it will be inspected by an independent team. Our comprehensive quality control program collaborates with our highly skilled builders and tradespeople, ensuring every aspect of your home is meticulously checked and reviewed throughout the construction process.


The team at Hibbard Homes consists of local builders who possess a deep understanding of the regional construction landscape. By choosing Hibbard Homes, you are partnering with individuals who live and work within your community.


When you build with Hibbard Homes, you can trust that our quotes are straightforward and transparent. Our documentation and quotes are designed to be clear and easy to understand.

Energy Efficiency

Our designs meet the New South Wales BASIX minimum energy efficiency standards.


All About Cabinets

Ascent on stone


Civic Screens

Hastings Turner


JB Air

James Hardie


Lane Security


PV Coast Wauchope solar

PV West Partners in Energy

Rapid Innovations

Stoddart Group

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