Our Family Legacy

We believe that every Australian deserves to own their own home


It’s the great Australian Dream

Providing affordable quality family homes of exceptional value to fulfill the great Australian dream of home ownership is the goal set in stone and running through the veins of the Hibbards family and will continue for many generations.

In 1966, at 14 years of age Bruce Hibbard left school and started in the building industry working with his father, Malcom. With no common conveniences of today such as telephones, computers or even sewage systems, he was thrown in to assisting his dad on site as a labourer. Beginning at the very bottom, Bruce had the determination to keep up with the older (and considerably larger) workers and would do so by working before and after hours, and through his breaks. As he grew up, his skills developed and he became successfully qualified in all aspects of building from digging the footings, laying foundations, erecting frames, mixing cement by hand and painting walls, becoming a licensed builder himself in 1976 and moving over to a little town near Dubbo.

Through sheer determination, persistence and strong work ethic Bruce has developed a successful company with a vision of creating homes for families; owners and investors alike in 11 country regions throughout New South Wales.

Bruce’s sons Josh, Jon and Michael have been brought up in the family business. Michael and Jon, in loving memory of Josh, are continuing the legacy with their major roles within Hibbards. Their mindset firmly on the company’s goal of being the largest most secure and successful developer of speculative housing in NSW, and they have established a strong structure within the business required to reach that.

A Blast from the past

Take a trip down memory lane…

Why Hibbard Homes?

Discover your dream home with a family business you can trust. Making your goals a reality is what we do!

Our family is honoured to play a role in the lives of so many individuals and families. It brings us great joy to provide opportunities for home ownership within the communities where we operate. We are dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home and being a part of their journey is truly rewarding.

Jon Hibbard - CEO

From the age of 15 when he started, Jon completed his carpentry apprenticeship; continued building houses on the job site; joined the office to become head estimator; then grew into project management, becoming construction manager, now directs the construction team and is CEO.

Michael Hibbard - GM

After high school Mike completed his Carpentry apprenticeship; went straight into the business and started sales; worked in sales and marketing; left Coffs and ran part of the operations in Port Macquarie, Tamworth and Dubbo; came back to Coffs Harbour 2016 and is now the General manager for Hibbards.

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