Hibbards Tamworth

Hibbard Homes are well established in Tamworth as we first started building family homes here in 2000. We have been consistently building brand new family homes here ever since.


Living in Tamworth offers a unique and attractive lifestyle for a variety of reasons:

  • Country Music Capital: Tamworth is famously known as the “Country Music Capital of Australia.” If you’re a fan of country music, you’ll be in the heart of the action with numerous music festivals, events, and a rich musical culture. 
  • Rural Charm: Tamworth offers the charm of rural living with a strong sense of community. You can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside while still having access to urban amenities. 
  • Scenic Beauty: The region boasts stunning natural beauty, including rolling hills, the Peel River, and nearby national parks like Warrabah National Park and Mount Kaputar National Park. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring. 
  • Agricultural Hub: Agriculture is a significant industry in Tamworth, with a focus on livestock, crops, and equine activities. It’s an ideal place for those interested in farming or agribusiness. 
  • Education: Tamworth offers a range of educational institutions, from primary and secondary schools to TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and a campus of the University of New England, making it a suitable place for families. 
  • Healthcare: The city has a well-established healthcare system, including hospitals, clinics, and medical specialists. 
  • Community Spirit: Tamworth has a strong sense of community, with various cultural and sporting clubs, community events, and opportunities for social engagement. 
  • Affordability: Compared to larger cities in Australia, the cost of living in Tamworth is generally more affordable, making it an attractive option for those looking to achieve a comfortable lifestyle without the high expenses. 
  • Transport: It is well-connected by road and rail to major cities like Sydney and Brisbane, making travel to and from Tamworth convenient. 
  • Job Opportunities: While the city has a strong agricultural base, there are also job opportunities in healthcare, education, retail, and other sectors, making it possible to find fulfilling employment. 
  • Climate: Tamworth enjoys a pleasant climate with warm summers and mild winters, making it comfortable year-round. 


In summary, Tamworth offers a blend of rural charm, cultural vibrancy, and access to essential services, making it an appealing place to live for those seeking a slower-paced, community-focused lifestyle in the heart of country New South Wales.

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