Hibbards grafton

Hibbard Homes have been building quality family homes in Grafton since 1981.

Here are some of the reasons why we love Grafton and continue to see it grow and turn into a great town. 

Grafton is situated on the beautiful Clarence River, providing opportunities for water-based activities, scenic views, and a peaceful environment. Grafton is known for its historic architecture, heritage-listed buildings, and a strong sense of local history. The town offers educational facilities, making it suitable for families with children. 

Grafton’s economy is tied to agriculture, particularly the blueberry industry, offering employment and business opportunities. Grafton is famous for its annual Jacaranda Festival, attracting visitors from across Australia and providing a vibrant cultural experience. 

The region offers beautiful natural surroundings, including nearby beaches, national parks, and the Big River Way scenic drive. Grafton enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate with mild winters, which can be appealing to those who prefer milder weather. 

Grafton is not far from Coffs Harbour which gives you access to larger city amenities and services. 

Living in Grafton may be a good choice for those who appreciate a combination of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a relaxed lifestyle.

Martin Brandon

Coffs Harbour and Grafton

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